There is not a lead source on the planet than can provide better leads than what a private online auction can provide. . The best lead a dealership can get is a direct lead. Auctionryte goes one step further and provides a direct lead that makes an offer.

Automobile Dealer Auction Advantage...

We all know that online auctions work, Ebay has proven that. Now there is something that works better, and that's online local auctions. There are huge advantages while the auction is running:

The bidders will not shop other dealers until the auction is over.

The advantage is, you get to contact them before the auction ends and see how you can help them in purchasing a vehicle.

You can have them come in to get pre-approved for a loan.

You can have them come to the lot to get their trade appraised.

Bottom line is a private online local auction brings car buyers to your dealership prior to auctions end.


You will sell no less than 15 vehicles with your first auction as long as you list at least 30 vehicles or it costs you nothing. You don't even have to pay us until the auction results are in.