Today's businesses face increasing challenges, intense competition, higher customer expectations, and shrinking profits. The success of today's businesses depends on finding new ways to gain the competitive edge. 80% of your target market spends and average of 5 hours on the Internet researching your product before ever coming to your door. Online auctions have become a viable option for businesses seeking a new way to sell their products.

We all know that online auctions work, Ebay has proven that. has developed a unique online auction concept that targets potential customers located within the same area as your business, with online local auctions. Because they are local, you can contact bidders before an auction ends and invite them to come see the product or products in person. This is a particularly advantageous feature for automobile dealerships. But can also be advantageous for other businesses with storefronts or warehouses.

How easy is it to set-up an Auctionryte online local auction?